Debt Assistance is a form of financial relief to get you completely out of debt within 24-48 months. Additionally, your payments will be lower than the minimums you likely pay now. Credit card companies can legally change interest rates from 7-10% to 25-30% for any reason, leaving hard working individuals in financial distress. These high interest rates prevent investment in businesses, retirement plans, and basic family needs.

If you are struggling and/or have high interest rate credit card debt that you wish to consolidate, please call Pacific Associates today at 949-250-6700. We work with all major credit card companies and can eliminate these high interest rate credit cards to get you back on track. Call or click on the “Get A Quote” button to get a free quote today. We are proud to maintain an A+ Rating with the BBB for over 20 years. We will treat you with respect and integrity.

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